The Very Important Parents Discount Card

A few weeks ago I received a VIP Discount card from ‘My VIP Card‘ and must tell you about it! It’s such a brilliant idea, I can’t believe there hasn’t been one before.

When Maddy, The VIP card’s founder,  had her little boy Ben, she suffered with crippling anxiety, something a lot of us can relate to. Like me, Maddy found getting out of the house and taking Ben to playgroups and activities helped immensely- getting out of the house serves as a great distraction when you are feeling particularly down or anxious. Also, like most of us, Maddy soon realised how expensive life can get when children are involved! Each little morning activity or day out, coffee with other mums and memberships to various softplays/ play cafe’s really adds up. Not to mention needing a bigger car/ house and just general ‘stuff’ that comes with having children. Combined with a busier schedule and  weekends-that-involve-grown-up-stuff-like-gardening, I find that it’s hard to find time to indulge and treat myself these days.

The VIP card offers discounts on baby and toddler groups, days out, restaurants and cafe’s, clothing, home services, cleaning and, my personal favourite, beauty and massage. I keep it in my purse and it has come in useful SO many times. Softplay and coffee? There’s a free coffee with entry to Playdays spftplay.  Gluten-free (great for me!), Vegan or child friendly-low fat icecream and frozen yoghurts? There’s a 15% discount at Sweet ice cream lounge. There’s 10% off toys and fancy dress at Rockbottom toys and fancy dress.

Thats the children covered. For the adults among us, everything else is covered:

Childcare- 50% off registration fees, up to 10% off first-term invoices and discounted Nanny services

Home improvements: Priority call outs and up to 10% off plumbing, up to 10% off furtniture

Car services and repairs: Incredibly, up to 15% off car services and repairs.

And a definite favourite: up to 15% off beauty and cosmetic treatments, and up to 15% off hotel stays!

The card costs £19.99 and you would easily make that in a few purchases. To find out more, visit 

Enjoy, and treat yourself!

Disclaimer: I received a VIP card from Maddy. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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