Quick Honey Glaze Salmon

Ava loves Salmon, and devoured this easy recipe. A delicious, quick glaze for salmon: Ingredients: Salmon (preferably skin off, prime with freshly squeezed lime juice 1/4 cup of honey 2 tbsp soy sauce Salt and pepper Spring onion Pinch of grated ginger (or a teeny tiny squeeze of the lazy ginger tube stuff) Olive oil … Continue reading Quick Honey Glaze Salmon

Potty Training #day1/2/3

Potty training is going so much better than I expected! I was nervous and wondered if Ava was ready, but it's been fairly easy so far. All credit to Ava- I underestimated her totally and she's been amazing. After preparing fairly well, the first three days have gone really well. I'm on annual leave so … Continue reading Potty Training #day1/2/3

The Very Important Parents Discount Card

A few weeks ago I received a VIP Discount card from 'My VIP Card' and must tell you about it! It's such a brilliant idea, I can't believe there hasn't been one before. When Maddy, The VIP card's founder,  had her little boy Ben, she suffered with crippling anxiety, something a lot of us can … Continue reading The Very Important Parents Discount Card

Liebster Award

Just when I thought no one read this thing.... A few weeks ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Chantelle at Cs2h_Life, which was a huge honour! The Liebster award is all about honouring bloggers and discovering new blogs, so thank you Chantelle! Chantelle started her blog, Cs2h_Life, after she was diagnosed with post-natal depression. … Continue reading Liebster Award

Sometimes, you just need to take a shower. 

I have SO many posts to publish, but I want them on the whole to be decent, fairly well proof read and make a little sense...! However, I have a (very nearly) Two Year Old and at the moment, I can barely take a shower.  Like, the newborn stage was easier.  My baby needs me … Continue reading Sometimes, you just need to take a shower. 

Using an independent travel consultant to book our holiday- A review.

We went on the most amazing holiday in Menorca (before Christmas!) and before raving on about the hotel,  I thought I'd post something quick about how we booked it. I haven't been paid for either review (I'll always identify an affiliated post), just honestly loved this holiday and can't recommend the hotel or our travel … Continue reading Using an independent travel consultant to book our holiday- A review.